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project, contributions description
Nory’s Escape - teamnory mhampel and I created a unique new runner game and published it on various platforms. tobi weiss created the soundtrack. We were invited by Amazon to their RESPAWN event and even won first price during gamescom 2017. We met many interesting people in the indie and game scene.
Botlike’s first UI A game created by my friend Jakob at I helped introducing AngularJS and built the first version of the ingame UI. I also joined their internal Gamejam which resulted in a nice space-strategy-game with phenomenal music.
TouchThingJS (open source) My game engine, written in JavaScript and open source. It’s my approach to the Entity & Component pattern introduced by Microsoft for the game Dungeon Siege. More details can be found in my TTjs article.
Tiled map editor - preview window Working on big maps with the open source editor Tiled I found myself missing a preview-window (something like the navigator in Photoshop). I wrote the code and bjorn accepted it. My first open source contribution.
TouchThing C++ Engine jbrosi and I worked together to build a full featured C++ game engine. It worked on multiple operating systems and covered a 2d render engine, a game specific input management and APIs to play sounds. It also featured a build system written in Java to optimize Assets for each target platform (similar to what Unity does). The planned game project, never released but I put some demo videos on Youtube.
OpenGL Layer for Adobe Flash My first published research work during university. Flash as an important frontend browser platform at that time was missing real hardware acceleration. I built a Java Applet that loaded the Flash Player Plugin back into the browser and gave the SWF access to a GPU based graphics API. That way one could render hundreds of sprites with effects at full 60FPS. A few month later Adobe introduced a similar approach called StageGL which rendered my work obsolete.
Outway + Outway 2 Two games I created based on the idea of a very good friend. It featured an online level editor and was build as a Java Applet. Yes, back 2006 that was a thing. Using the editor me and friends created over a hundred levels.
Marlor Marlor - The Master of Evil was my first real project which I created when I was 17 years old. It’s a big Zelda-Like game with lot’s of content, several boss fights and many secrets to explore. Back then I had no internet and built it in QuickBasic :-). It took me three years and was put on a CD of a popular german games magazine (PC Games).