A list of links and notes I collect throughout the year.

Link, Article, Note Desc
How to install an older version of a Homebrew package Updating my macOS I also updated Hugo to a new version. Unfortunately that destroyed the compatibility to my content. This article shows how to install an older version of Hugo.
Set color of a database in Data Grip In JetBrains’ Data Grip it is possible to change the color of one specific database. Just right-click on the database and select Color Settings. Helps to get things clean.
How to get the sizes of the tables of a MySQL database? Useful when your UI-Tool does not show you the size of your tables.
How to write low garbage real-time Javascript A bit old but still valid discussion on the topic of JavaScript and garbage collection in games.
WebGPU A nice video about a work in progress API that is meant to replace WebGL some day. It’s very early but also fascinating to see it evolving.
Snowpack It a packer that lifts import up to the browser and allows make use of web_modules. Might be worth investigating when time.
List NSSM entries The existence of the program none-s*cking-service-manager (NSSM) speaks for itself. This little stack-overflow-gem shows how to list all NSSM configured services using PowerShell.
Docker and UFW security  What a read *sigh*
[Sega Saturn Programming] Seniriu - 001 - Object Display, Controls, and First Person Camera  Homebrew at it’s best. Sega Saturn is an interesting platform for such a project. Love it.
The Ultimate CMake / C++ Quick Start Brilliant video about CMAKE and how to organize a C++ project.
conan.io A C++ package manager.
lit-html Claims to be an: Efficient, Expressive, Extensible HTML templates in JavaScript. I like the idea of template toolkit that does not require build steps or a virtual DOM.
μPlot Demos Good bye slow, over loaded web-chart-renderer. Welcome uPlot.
pbcopy Copy text from bash into the OS’ clipboard. Useful for all sorts of things (e.g. upload scripts).
Optimization killers in Chromes JavaScript engine V8 (2018)  Working with JavaScript in a high performance environment (such as games) can be hard. This page shows how JS-Engines (like V8) may or may not optimize JavaScript code. Considering that all of this can change with every version and is not transferable from let’s say Firefox to Chrome one can get the idea that it’s no use to even try to optimize JS-Code.
Debugging Web Pages on the Nokia 8110 with KaiOS This quick intro shows the steps required to connect Firefox with the Nokia device. German

Quick note: the linked content of the articles, videos or websites here do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion. In some cases I might even disagree with all of it’s content but still like to share it. Over time the content behind a link might be edited or a blog changed into something different. Keep that in mind while enjoying the good stuff. If you find something really bad let me know: cschnack@gmx.de