A list of links and notes I collect throughout the year.

Link, Article, Note Desc
If include OpenGL/gl.h on macos fails To resolve this issue one need to install XCode command line tools. Once done /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Headers/gl.h should exist and include <OpenGL/gl.h> should work again.
OpenAL Soft OpenAL Soft is an software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API. GitHub Repo (LGPL-licensed, cross-platform).
“The Best Mac Productivity Software” Nice collection of useful macos software. SelfControl - just brilliant :D
mkcert: valid HTTPS certificates for localhost Useful tool when developing web content which requires HTTPS.
Sound eXchange - sox For a fast and simple way to convert sound files. Convert xxx.mp3 to xxx.ogg? Simply do: sox xxx.mp3 xxx.ogg done.
HTML5 Gamepad Tester When working with gamepads this page is useful to see if a gamepad works as expected.
What is SDL_Joystick and what is SDL_GameController? SDL2 has more or less two gamepad APIs. This Stackoverflow entry explains the difference nicely.
“Open in Atom” in macOS context-menu On my machine it requires this modification: /Applications/Atom.app/Contents/MacOS/Atom -n "$@" &>/dev/null &.
Use private key with passphrase in ForkLift ForkLift 3 is a great UI to manage files on external machines (SFTP, S3, SMB, etc.). To make use of a passphrase protected private key-file one need to do this: ssh-add -K /path/to/private_key. The ui doesn’t support password input for this.

Quick note: the linked content of the articles, videos or websites here do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion. In some cases I might even disagree with all of it’s content but still like to share it. Over time the content behind a link might be edited or a blog changed into something different. Keep that in mind while enjoying the good stuff. If you find something really bad let me know: cschnack@gmx.de