Christoph Schnackenberg
CRM web application for a social service, iOS/Android/Win software stack for game development (including component based engine and OpenGL ES 2.0 scene graph), native plug-in API for Adobe Flash to have GPU access (Thesis, before Stage3D), C++ Wangtile-Shader for Cinema 4D, Java ME puzzle game, Flash Jump&Run, Java/PHP/MySQL based browser game, multiplayer Flash RPG including Java SE server, various tools in C#/Java Swing

known environments
Visual C++, Windows API, Adobe Flex, Flash, PHP 5, Java ME, Swing, MySQL, Direct3D9, OpenGL ES 2.0, JQuery, FPDF, iOS 4.0, Android 2.2, Java SE

Medieninformatik (B.Sc.) Hochschule Bremen, Semester abroad at Letterkenny Institute of Technology in Ireland, Technischer Assistent für Informatik (Vegesack)


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